World Wellness Weekend 16, 17 and 18 Sept 2022 #WorldWellnessWeekend #WellnessForAll

Editor WWW, Author at World Wellness Weekend
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Author: Editor WWW

World Wellness Weekend / Articles posted by Editor WWW

Strawberry smoothie porridge with strawberry coconut yogurt

The strawberry smoothie porridge with strawberry coconut yogurt brings freshness and vitality in your day. A small selection, there is definitly somthing for everyone. That´s a vitamin-rich food-combination to support the Immune system and to strengthen the immunity oft he body. Happy Spring! Ingredients for porridge: 80 grams of fine oatmeal 200 ml of almonds milk 100 ml of water Pinch of salt 2 tsp of coconut blossom sugar   Preparation: Simmer the fine oatmeal with almonds milk and water shortly in a pot, complete it with a pinch of salt and coconut blossom sugar.   Ingredients for the strawberry smoothie: 6 – 8 medium strawberries 1 – 1 ½ banana   Preparation: For the strawberry smoothie mix up strawberries and banana and it´s ready! The sweetness of the banana and the acid of the strawberries complete combination with their fresh...

Inspired by UNESCO and IHRSA, World Wellness Weekend Focuses on Inclusion… YOU can too!

World Wellness Weekend is partnering with IHRSA to include more movement, Fitness & Sports into the lifestyle of millions of people in 120 countries on 19-20 Sept 2020. Inspired by Catherine Carty, UNESCO Chair Project Manager “Transforming the Lives of People with Disabilities, their Families and Communities, Through Physical Education, Sport, Recreation and Fitness”, the inclusion of people with disabilities is a major focus of World Wellness Weekend for 2020 and beyond. With #WellnessBuddies, we want people to inspire & empower each other to be more active. We encourage people to find a friend, colleague or family member to be accountable and support each other in their Wellness objective. With #WellnessForAll , we do not just envision people who are already healthy, but ALL people—young, old, healthy or living with...


Spring on your plate: Desert or Breakfast with mango, coconut yogurt, and buckwheat flakes

The beginning of Spring is like a new beginning, body and mind now need lighter and more vitamin-rich food to let the severity of the winter behind us. A desert or breakfast with mango, coconut yogurt, and buckwheat flakes is the absolute moment of pleasure. The nutty taste makes it delicious. This combination is extravagant and puts you in a good mood. The mango is the sunny pendant and fits finely to the buckwheat flakes. Have you just noticed that some ingredients are well for the body and the mental balance? Ingredients for 2 glasses 80         grams buckwheat flakes 200       ml almonds milk 80 -100 ml fresh water 1           pinch of salt 250       grams coconut yogurt 3 – 4     tbsp mango pieces 6           mango pieces 4           tsp maple syrup 3 – 4     tbsp granola 2           tbsp crushed almonds Preparation...


Free initiatives, apps and useful sites to stay healthy at home

In this period of emergency and great difficulty, the recent limitations to our way of life have imposed on us the need to slow down, stop, profoundly change our habits: from reduction to travel to socialization, from the way we work to the reorganization of private life, up to also involve the rhythms of exercise. There is no doubt that playing sports is essential for staying fit, healthy, in a good mood, and releasing tension. Normally between work commitments, home, and family, it is difficult to find time for physical activity, which represents one of the pillars of well-being, according to the global media event World Wellness Weekend. Today forced to change perspective and radically our daily habits, the idea of organizing physical activities within the home is...

4 Tips For Getting A Better Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep improves almost every aspect of your life. It can boost your job performance, increase relationship satisfaction, and relieve stress. Unfortunately, approximately 35% of American adults don’t get enough sleep, and even more, fail to get the high-quality rest they need. The tips below will help you fall asleep more quickly and wake up ready to tackle the day. 4 Tips for Getting Better Sleep 1. Monitor The Temperature During the night, your core temperature drops by a few degrees, which helps you stay asleep. If your room’s temperature is too high, you may wake up throughout the night, even if you aren’t physically uncomfortable. For most people, the ideal temperature for sleeping is around 70 degrees. If your home is usually a little warmer than this, try turning the thermostat down a...

Sustainability In The Beauty Industry: Part 2

Hair salons have a certain fragrance. You always know when you’re in one.  No surprise, since nearly 5000 chemicals are listed as products for hair care, including 3300 synthetic compounds.   Beyond the shampoo and conditioner, there are hair dyes, oils, propellants, and various sprays to keep hair in place.  A recent study in Italy examined the concentration of a variety of these compounds in the air inside and outside of hair salons. These included a variety of alcohols, terpenes, and ketone compounds, with gaseous phases. Some such as benzene and xylene have potential carcinogenic properties.  Again, no surprise: concentrations were often 10 times higher inside of hair salons, and were usually quickly traced to products in use.  Many of these compounds are known to have human health...

6 Healthy Ways to Curb Your Cravings

Got the urge to crunch or munch?  Noshing is often a mindless compulsive act as you watch television or movies or indulge in recreational activities like playing cards, surfing the social media sites or hanging out with friends. So here are snack foods that are among the most wholesome and satisfying to the palate; and they’re healthy!  You’ll even find some simple recipes. Nuts Nuts offer lots of nutrition including heart healthy fats, quality proteins and they satisfy the need to have something crunchy. Almonds, Walnuts or Cashews are very beneficial. Nuts are particularly convenient for on-the-go snacks in the car or at work. A handful (non a whole package!) helps keep hunger at bay. Fruits Fruits including Apples, Bananas, Oranges and all kinds of berries provide a good balance of vitamins and fiber. These can sate...

Sustainability In The Beauty Industry: Part 3

Sustainability goes far beyond initiatives related to recycling & making eco-friendly products. This new mind-set that makes us think long term in product development. It is a combination of imagination and science where we evaluate the long term environmental impact of whatever beauty product we are formulating. Before its production, during its production and its lifecycle once it is released in the environment. There are 4 large aspects that go into making a product sustainable and all have to be taken into account when formulating and distributing new products: Ethical sourcing of natural raw materials Cosmetic production (energy and water consumption, waste management) Packaging (compostable, biodegradable, recyclable) Biodegradability of the finished product These 4 pillars are merely a framework to begin to define sustainable products. Many companies are able to quickly...

World Wellness Weekend brings FUN in the SDGs

25+5 SDG Cities Lab in Davos, Switzerland with Jean Guy de Gabriac HEALTH IS A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND AND YOUR DOCTOR.WELLNESS IS A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND AND YOURSELF. Wellness is built on 5 pillars, 5 principles: good SLEEP; balanced NUTRITION of what you choose to eat and in what quantity; more VITALITY and movement; more SERENITY and mindfulness; and finally a sense of PURPOSE to give back to community & locals. World Wellness Weekend was launched in France and Belgium with the goal of inspiring and empowering millions of people from sunrise in Fiji to sunset in Hawaii the following day, as they enjoy a fun & meaningful Weekend of Wellness #OnePlanet #WellnessForAll. World Wellness Weekend was celebrated by 150 properties in 2017,...

The Missing Peace For Human Evolution & Inner Wellbeing

What If you felt truly seen, heard, valued, validated and appreciated for your unique gifts, abilities and qualities? What if you experienced a strong sense of connection, acceptance, confidence, empowerment and trust on a daily basis? How would your life be impacted, personally, in family and intimate relationships, and in your professional life? LOVE IS POWER “Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have…This is the variable that we have ignored for too long.” – Albert Einstein Underlying every single human motivation is the need to be loved. We all live for love, and go on living better lives because of it. We will literally die for love, and suffer depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, dysfunctional and erratic behaviour, addictions, and feel broken from the lack of it. The...


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