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5 Inspiring Quotes For Training Your Mental Strength

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As you all know by now, the World Wellness Weekend stands for a positive dynamic initiative to promote the gift of life, enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, I want to congratulate you for coming onto this blog. If you are reading this, it means that you are interested in and investing in your own health and wellness. My quote about “You Are Your Best Investment” is exactly that.

There is no better investment than the investment in yourself, in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Why?

Because our automated, high tech and fast-changing society is giving us more stress than ever. Most of us are just trying to “survive” in this demanding era, instead of positively owning our lives and “thrive”, making life fulfilled and purposeful!

And we all know by now that practicing physical fitness really enhances the chance of living a happier, healthier and wealthier life! But what about our mental fitness?

Mental strength and mental health only start to get their place in our society! Nobody told us when we grew up how important our thinking is in our happiness and success. Our mind is one of the most powerful tools that we have in our possession to manifest what we want in life but we never learned to use it to serve us.

After 30 years of experience in stress and self-leadership, I can say that most people use their mind against themselves, without realizing it.

It is time to handle our stress at the core of the problem, in our mind.

Let me give you 5 quotes that illustrate exactly what I mean here:

  1. “Happiness is a mental habit that can be cultivated and developed.” Maxwell Maltz

Yes, it all starts in the mind, with our thoughts and words that we say to ourselves. Isn’t that motivating for you that you can take control over your happiness?

  1. “All that we are is the result of what we have thought” Buddha

We are what we think, indeed. Every thought is energy and has an effect on our body, on our feelings, and on our behavior. It is a law of life, the law of life about cause and effect.

  1. “There are no limitations to the mind, except those we acknowledge, both poverty and richness are the offspring of thought.” Napoleon Hill

Training the mind to produce thoughts of richness and abundance will manifest exactly that in our lives.

  1. “There is no drug more powerful than the mind as it can create the symptom of every illness.” Peer

Yes, the mind is the source of many illnesses and symptoms, but at the same time,  it is also the most powerful drug to cure those same symptoms and illnesses.

  1. “All your actions, feelings and behaviors are always consistent with the self-image you hold in your mind.” Maxwell Maltz

What exactly do you believe about yourself in your mind? Are you having a positive or a negative self-image? It all determines your happiness, health and wealth.

When your self-image and self-worth in your mind is healthy and intact, your total well-being will be similar. You can be yourself and express yourself which gives you purpose to contribute to make the world a better place.

Let’s be honest, deep down, we all want more life, more joy, more fulfillment. And that all starts with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

World Wellness Weekend is promoting exactly that! And I am proud to be part of its promotion and contribution!

Danielle Sax is the Author of this blog post.
If you are interested in more guidance to stop surviving, and thrive in this world of overdrive, feel free to visit her website on or contact her personally at for a FREE “World Wellness Weekend Boost Session”, gift to you for your zest for life.

You are your best investment, always!