20-21-22 Sept 2024: celebrate the 8th World Wellness Weekend with 8,000 venues in 160 countries

World Wellness Weekend

The concept is simple: September is the «new January»!

Every third week-end of September, just before the Equinox, thousands of venues open their doors and offer fun and free activities to discover and try with friends, colleagues or family: fitness, yoga, outdoor activities, relaxation, massage workshops…


World Wellness Weekend encourages millions of people to resume a regular physical routine after the summer, almost like the as the “new year” resolutions in January!


Just click at the top right “Find activities near you” to locate professionals who participate near you, or in 2,000 cities.


The rest of the year, all these venues remain visible on www.wellmap.org for you to discover their activities, regular classes, events, and special offers.


World Wellness Weekend is a pro bono initiative supporting the 3rd Goal of the UNITED NATIONS («Good Health and Wellbeing for All) in partnership with 60 professional associations and federations to promote Vitality, Serenity and Solidarity.


Explore the Wellmap, the Wellness Map of the World

The 5 Pillars of Wellness

What people call “Active” life is in fact very sedentary, with rempant stress and sky-rocketting Non-Communicable Diseases (Cancer, Respiratory, Stroke, Heart, Diabetes).

We believe that 5 Pillars, like 5 fingers, can help people live longer, better and happier, enhancing Vitality, Sereity and Community: SLEEP, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, MINDFULNESS, SENSE of PURPOSE


Wellness is a renewable energy that can light the world. It is time to renew your energy to light up your world! 

Jean-Guy de Gabriac Founder of World Wellness Weekend

The Global Wellness Institute and World Wellness Weekend share a common goal: Wellness for all. We congratulate Jean-Guy de Gabriac on organizing this event. We are also delighted that World Wellness Weekend has pledged to participate in the Global Wellness Moonshot: A world free of Preventable Disease, which is an iniciative of the Global Wellness Institute.

Susie Ellis Chair & CEO – Global Wellness Institute

IHRSA is proud to support Global Wellness Weekend and promote the vital role that physical activity plays in improving our overall health, especially during a time when mental health is so fragile. The health and fitness industry is a powerful tool in combating mental health issues caused by the pandemic. We strongly encourage health clubs, gyms and studios around the world to join the cause and involve their communities to get involved and active.

Liz Clark President & CEO IHRSA

The International SPA Association is proud to support World Wellness Weekend, as spas around the world open their doors to clients seeking to find a connection between mind, body and spirit.

Lynne Walker McNees President ISPA, International SPA Association