Get rewarded for your minutes of Movement and Mindfulness!

A global partnership to reward fun & healthy habits

Endurance Zone is supporting World Wellness Weekend in 2024 with its innovative loyalty, engagement and reward technology. It supports World Wellness Weekend’s objective of getting more people globally to participate in their Wellness Weekend that focuses on the 5 pillars of wellness.

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Movement
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Purpose

How does it work for the PUBLIC? 


Fill in the form to access Level One of rewards and information. You will be joining the mailing list to find out more about what World Wellness Weekend has to offer and venues near you that are participating.


With your friends and colleagues at work, you can use the rewards platform at any time, accessing it through the World Wellness Weekend website.


When made available you will be able to connect your wearable* and start earning points allowing you to enter competitions and unlock better rewards. Wearables: Health App on your smartphone or smartwatch, Garmin, Fitbit, Strava.


Some rewards will show with locks. Simply connect your wearable to unlock these rewards.


Signing up and integrating your wearable will give you access to a wider selection of global rewards, and to the whole platform. This will include competitions and global challenges year-round to encourage you AND reward you along your journey to a stronger, healthier and happier you 😉

Already a member of WWW Rewards ?


How can Fitness clubs, Yoga studios, Sports associations, and Corporations (Wellness at work) participate?

Fitness, sports and wellness professionals can encourage people to sign up to the rewards platform to be rewarded for being part of their activation around World Wellness Weekend. Once we have competitions, challenges and the ability to integrate

leaderboards then venues, associations and corporations can drive users to be part of their community, providing communication opportunities.

Due to the geotagging nature of the rewards that Endurance Zone provide, venues have the opportunity to provide their own rewards into the platform for people involved in World Wellness Weekend to benefit from. This generates exposure and access to an engagement audience.


How can Lifestyle & Outdoor brands participate?

Any brand delivering health and wellness benefits through products or services, can provide a reward on the platform for the audience to access and redeem.

There are places throughout the reward platform from featured spots to category placings and mailing lists that

brands can advertise new products, existing offers, or drive sales of excess stock