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How can “Mindfulness” improve your life and mental wellness ?

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Mental Wellness

Meditation is NOT the only path towards Serenity. According to the Global Wellness Institute (2020),  consider four key dimensions if you want to significantly improve your mental wellness:

  • Activity & Creativity: hobbies, curiosity, learning and discovery.
  • Growth & Nourishment: self-help, therapy, coaching, brain training, cognitive enhancement
  • Connection & Meaning: personal beliefs, altruism, gratitude and compassion
  • Rest & Rejuvenation: meditation and mindfulness that we will dive into.


What is Mindfulness and why should you apply it to your daily life

Mindfulness is basically the practice of being consciously aware in the present moment, leading to a sensation of peace. The idea is to practice “being”, rather than “doing” in order to become more “present” and more aware of one’s life, and in one’s life. Instead of trying to fight or change the way we feel, we can find inner sense of peace and calm with non-judgmental acceptance.

Mindfulness helps acceptance, process and resilience, which can reduce pain, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and body image. While it can increase confidence and self-esteem it can also profoundly reconnect us with others, not take anybody or anything for granted, feel compassion, and create a cycle of positivity. Above all, mindfulness has proven to enhance our level of focus, efficiency and ability to cope with stress. (Global Wellness Institute, 2020)


Other activities to consider (Global Wellness Institute, 2020) 

Hatha Yoga: Studies have shown that the practice of yoga can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, increase sleep quality, decrease blood glucose levels …

Laughter Yoga: Laughter yoga is known for its power on the immune system, for increasing blood circulation and relax muscles. Laughter Yoga is a single exercise routine which reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously and brings an emotional balance, a powerful antidote for depression.

Tai Chi: Combining breath, movement and focus, this practice was developed as a martial art in the 13th century in China. Tai Chi develops physical, mental and emotional balance, with numerous benefits regarding hypertension, cognitive performance, depression…