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World Wellness Weekend brings FUN in the SDGs

Temps de lecture : 6 minutes

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25+5 SDG Cities Lab in Davos, Switzerland with Jean Guy de Gabriac


Wellness is built on 5 pillars, 5 principles: good SLEEP; balanced NUTRITION of what you choose to eat and in what quantity; more VITALITY and movement; more SERENITY and mindfulness; and finally a sense of PURPOSE to give back to community & locals.

World Wellness Weekend was launched in France and Belgium with the goal of inspiring and empowering millions of people from sunrise in Fiji to sunset in Hawaii the following day, as they enjoy a fun & meaningful Weekend of Wellness #OnePlanet #WellnessForAll.

World Wellness Weekend was celebrated by 150 properties in 2017, and 630 properties in 2018 and the 3rd World Wellness Weekend was celebrated by 2,356 venues in 98 countries, growing fourfold each year.

In 2020, for the 4th edition of World Wellness Weekend our goal is to gather 5,000 participating venues in 120 countries, with 2 novelties:

  • being more inclusive for people with disabilities honoring truly #WellnessForAll in alignment with UNESCO ;
  • and paying forward locally to nurses in hospitals and clinics, so that spa/wellness/fitness/hospitality professionals can reach out, care for & pamper these exceptional women & men who care for everyone from their first breath until their last. They absolutely deserve to experience and enjoy #WellnessForNurses.

It is non just hotel groups, yoga studios, fitness clubs that are participating, but also Mayors & Governorsin Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, France, Mexico, USA… who are interested to make wellness their city priority, in cooperation with local associations and professionals.

One of the key drivers to grow from 150 to 2,400 in just 3 years is FUN.

Not “telling people how they should do things right”, but engaging people to do something that is exciting for them and their team, to raise the profile of their everyday business.

We have noniced that people do non just want to implement something fun to catch the attention of the media… they also want their lives to be purposeful, contributing with meaningful activities. For instance, we have been partnering with many associations that are reaching higher goals such as: Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation working with people living with Parkinson; or in Brazil where  the Câmara Municipal de Nanuque  planted 5,000 trees during World Wellness Weekend 2019; or in Thailand where teams at Anantara and Six Senses organized cleaning parties of a beach and a river.

These are examples how the SDGs are implemented in World Wellness Weekend activities, combined with Corporate Social Responsibility so that FUN & meaningful local activities can create a global story in the media with 43 articles in 2017, 250 publications in 2018 and over 430 in 2019 reaching an audience of 224 million people.

The mission of World Wellness Weekend is to touch the life of someone else on 3 levels.

First, inspiring people who are active to encourage those less active to come and join a gym class, a yoga class and together become “Wellness Buddies”, with a growing focusing on inclusion.  Among people with disabilities there are many who are very active and can be partners with people with no disabilities but with poor or less healthy lifestyle choices.

On a second level, cities that are encouraged to become “Well-Cities”, encouraging their twin cities in also reaching the status of wellness destinations.

Third – although we have been taught non to talk to strangers, World Wellness Weekend aims to help a stranger. Let’s encourage people to set up goals, but supported by family, friends, or colleagues. When people reach their wellness goal, their support group could donate financially to a local charity, or helping associations across the world, bring Health & Wellness for all (SDG 3).

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