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“We are very supportive of Jean-Guy de Gabriac’s World Wellness Weekend initiative. The combination of wellness, hospitality and personalization is at the heart of what we firmly believe at Biologique Recherche!“

Rupert Schmid and Pierre-Louis Delapalme​ Co-Chairs Biologique Recherche

“Endurance Zone is proud to support World Wellness Weekend – we firmly believe there is nothing more rewarding than pursuing better health, fitness, and overall wellness. Motivating active lifestyles is central to why Endurance Zone exists, and we wholeheartedly align with World Wellness Weekend’s mission for each one of us to prioritise our well-being.“

David Birch CEO & Founder of Endurance Zone

“At LEMI we are aware that the route to well-being is a long and challenging process that is successful as long as it is pursued with reliability and tenacity, Since 1989, at LEMI wellness has been the core of a process leading to a steady business growth, thus focusing on constant improvement for both its staff and the environment where day work. That’s why we are very proud to support the World Wellness Weekend and spread wellness in everyday life.“

Matteo Busaferri LEMI General Manager

“WithU supports Wellness Weekend as it empowers the world to choose fitness.  Through world-class coaching and a highly personalised experience, WithU provides members with the support and guidance they need to build their confidence, celebrate their individual achievements, and build a sustainable fitness routine anywhere, any time.”

Ross Payne Business Development Director

“Join us in Antigua and Barbuda, tropical islands in the heart of the Caribbean surrounded by 365 white and pink sandy beaches. These beaches are just the beginning as the purity of the land allows you to embrace your true self at your own pace. Our activations for World Wellness Weekend are sustained throughout the year starting with January, our designated Wellness Month. Come and let Antigua and Barbuda be your wellness destination for 2024.”

Ms. Tameka Wharton Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Director of Tourism and Lead of Wellness Strategy

“It is for me and for the whole Team Matrix France an honor and a great pleasure to be able to support the World Wellness Weekend across France and many countries. For 20 years, our desire has been to bring pleasure and wellbeing to each practitioner and user of our products, but also to all of our employees within our company. It was therefore logical that we were present alongside Jean-Guy de Gabriac for the World Wellness Weekend.“ Matrix-Strong-Smart-Beautiful

Denis Daon CEO Matrix Fitness France / Johnson Health Tech

“I fully share all the values of the World Wellness Weekend and put forward the 5 pillars of wellness in all its projects. Personally, It is an honour and a pleasure to be alongside Jean-Guy de Gabriac and all the ambassadors for this fantastic global initiative for wellness. I am very proud to lead the team of Ambassadors for Italy. For me the World Wellness Weekend is the most representative synthesis of my last 30 years of work in the SPA & Wellness sector.“

Regis Boudon-Doris Co-Founder & CEO bbspa group

“At Fashionizer Spa, we believe in the profound impact that health and wellbeing have on individuals and our community. These include, embracing the five pillars of wellness in everyday life. We are all thrilled to support the World Wellness Weekend initiative, as their values align perfectly with our commitment to fostering a healthier and happier society. Fashionizer Spa looks forward to contributing to the initiative, and seeing the positive impact it will bring. We know that any conversation about wellness must consider the wellness of the environment, planet, and people around us.”

Dorota Ziolkowska Marketing Director Fashionizer Spa

“At SALT Chamber, supporting your well-being has been our mission for over a decade. That’s why we’re excited to join the global movement of World Wellness Weekend alongside wellness leader Jean-Guy de Gabriac! This weekend is focused on your mind, body and breath for better health and wellness. We can’t wait to help everyone breathe easier and discover the natural benefits of salt therapy “

Leo Tonkin CEO Salt Chamber

“It is an honor and a pleasure to lead this planetary celebration bringing together 5 Ministers of Health and Tourism, 30 Mayors, 60 international associations, leading hotel / fitness groups and operators. In our post-Covid area, people crave social connection and original immersive experiences, as transformational as possible. We rise by lifting others, especially when we encourage everyone to become the best version of oneself.”

Jean-Guy de Gabriac​ Founder Tip Touch International

“We are very happy to support World Wellness Weekend, an international major project, coherent with our philosophy and our concept of beauty, always in the name of respect for the natural world and the delicate balance of our body. An initiative that we hope will spread more and more, in Italy and in the world, its positive idea of ​​well-being.”​

Valeria Cavalcante CEO Vagheggi