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Free initiatives, apps and useful sites to stay healthy at home

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In this period of emergency and great difficulty, the recent limitations to our way of life have imposed on us the need to slow down, stop, profoundly change our habits: from reduction to travel to socialization, from the way we work to the reorganization of private life, up to also involve the rhythms of exercise.

There is no doubt that playing sports is essential for staying fit, healthy, in a good mood, and releasing tension. Normally between work commitments, home, and family, it is difficult to find time for physical activity, which represents one of the pillars of well-being, according to the global media event World Wellness Weekend.

Today forced to change perspective and radically our daily habits, the idea of organizing physical activities within the home is being evaluated: there is no need for large spaces and tools for home fitness, only comfortable clothing and a mat. Instead, constancy, regularity, and determination are needed, and above all to establish a goal to be achieved.

According to the experts, it is enough to allow yourself 30 minutes of training a day to not give in to the negative aspects of home laziness and sedentary life, because of Regularity = Wellness

For best results, it is recommended to do physical activity on an empty stomach because between meals it is possible to burn more calories. So to start the day well let’s take care of ourselves, for our psychophysical well-being and to face daily activities with new energies!

As soon as you wake up, before breakfast it is recommended to drink natural water at room temperature to purify the body and help the metabolism. After why not take a few minutes of meditation or yoga?

At this point, you can start with about 15/30/45 minutes of physical exercise, the second part of your state of athletic preparation, and the greeting and time available.

The SPA ADVISOR team has chosen for you FIX FIT, website, and app with numerous prepared video programs prepared by professional trainers Katia and Thiago and integrated at all levels of physical preparation.

Over 700 free workouts to follow at home and which clearly show how to perform bodyweight exercises, without the need for equipment, to stay in shape, lose weight, tone, improve agility or increase muscle mass.

You can choose the training based on the level (beginner, intermediate and advanced), intensity (low and high impact), duration (mini, fast, complete) and area: total body, cardio, interval training, GAG, Abs & Core.

Each workout always involves a few minutes of muscle warming at the beginning and proposes at the end to continue with 10 minutes of stretching.

For those who have doubts about which level to choose, no problem, the FITNESS TEST will guide you in choosing!

The aim is to provide high-quality workouts and help anyone achieve the goal by following a progressive path, with the possibility of setting up a training diary online and following the results day after day!

If you prefer yoga, Lifegate offers the free and open to all “Smart Yoga Class” initiative: for four weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00, they will be available in streaming on Lifegate, YouTube and on the social channels of the company, 45-minute Vinyasa Yoga lessons, led by professional instructors Micol and Giada.

Lifegate’s aim is to accompany aspiring yogis to approach this activity or help those who already practice yoga, to give moments of personal well-being, increase awareness of the importance of adopting a more sustainable, respectful lifestyle, not only towards ourselves but also towards others and the environment.

This will be another way of slowing down, spending more time on ourselves, detaching ourselves from everyday thoughts.

Stop, relax, find your balance …


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