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Nutrition and Immunity

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It will be my pleasure to be bringing you a series of articles over the coming months on our 2nd Pillar of Wellness: Nutrition & Immunity.

I should start by saying that there is no one diet, supplement, or exercise regime that would be the ultimate support for your immune system; that army of cells, tissues, and organs that band together to defend your body against anything with the power to make you sick. So, I invite you to take a different view– a holistic or, if you prefer, the term integrated one. After all, don’t you feel you deserve a tailored approach, not a one-size-fits-all?

So, let’s kick off this series by looking at three key trending areas in wellness; functional Nutrition, immune health, and metabolic health, so we can start to build a clear picture of how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Functional Nutrition, in a nutshell, is a holistic approach (whole person) to what we consume, the quality and diversity of our food, plus it considers our lifestyle factors that could be affecting our food choices, such as activity levels, the environment in which we live and work and if there are any chronic diseases present.

Due to the significant impact on many people’s physical and mental well-being, there is growing interest in eating foods that serve health-related purposes.

Q: Have you started to think more about prevention and the roles that specific ingredients play in improving your overall health and wellbeing?

In future articles, I’ll be going into this in more detail, so you get to decide where you want to put your efforts into making changes to support your health.

I think it goes without saying that for the past two years, the state of our immune health has been front and center! Everywhere you go, someone is talking about it! With so much advice on what to eat, supplements to take, or healthy practices to start doing, you are possibly confused or overwhelmed about what you could be doing to improve your immunity! I promise you that I’ll keep it simple, relatable, and doable!

When we talk about good metabolic health, we must consider five essential parts: minimal belly fat, regular blood sugar, stable appetite and energy, muscles, bones, and joints that let you be active, and normal blood pressure – all achieved without medications! Our immune health has a link to metabolic health; it has to do with creating balance in your body and working with your metabolic system to discover that balance!

Bottom Line:

If we want an immune response that works optimally then focusing on the fundamental core pillars of wellness: diet, enough sleep and exercise and gut health are the only way to achieve it!

Stay tuned, I’ve only just got started!         Julie