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Skincare during Cancer Treatment

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After successfully beating Lymphoma, a skincare and beauty professional decided to act and seek to find more ways to help people feel and look their best. That is when she founded Immunocolgie. Immunocologie is a holistic, clean skincare line with no toxic or artificial ingredients, phthalates, Inderal oils, fragrances, formaldehyde, or colors. This is a safe-to-use skincare line for all.

The beauty expert explains that Chemo, while very important in battling cancer is directly filling your body with toxins and chemicals. This is the biggest reason for all the side effects. Most of the time the skin is compromised to various degrees of sensitivity. She also states that it is important to note that cancer is not a skin type, meaning no two cancer patients will have the same issues.

Her recommendation to people looking for skincare products that are safe for use while undergoing cancer treatment is to look for ingredients that take down inflammation. Through her cancer journey and the treatments she had undergone, she had found that products that included anti-inflammatory ingredients worked best for her skin. During that same time, she also discovered the benefits of French Green Clay. She found out that the clays were ideal for skin sensitivity, bringing down redness and inflammation. These clays are known absorb and draw toxins from skin. Making sure that Immunocologie also contained products that lubricate, hydrate and replenish the skin while repairing and supporting the skin’s natural barrier that keeps toxins and free radicals out. With a compromised immune system, it is vital to balance and protect the skin and body throughout the whole wellness journey.