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Why is sleep so important for your health ?

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Sleep is important for …     


Your Waste Clearance & Immune System

The glymphatic system is the brain’s dedicated waste clearance system. Glial cells protect, nourish, insulate neurons and play a role in the immune system. Your brain cells’ mitochondria remove cellular waste. This system is very active when you are asleep helping you wake up with a “fresh” mind. (Medical News Today, 2019)


Your Memory and knowledge

The non-REM sleep is a deep physiological state of sleep when neurons fire simultaneously. Newly formed memories are strengthened and integrated into existing knowledge. This process is particularly strong during this phase of sleep because of a tight connection between two parts of the brain (one capturing memories of events and places, the other of facts, ideas, and concepts).  (The Atlantic, 2019)


Processing feelings and making decisions

Dreaming is a way for the brain to evaluate real-world experiences. In REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the neocortex will replay abstracted, simplified elements of an event or problem, but also other things that are randomly activated. It will then strengthen the commonalities between those things which might allow you to see it in a different way and make a wiser decision. (The Atlantic, 2019)