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Humanitarian involvment: highly therapeutic!

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Publié le par jean-guy

When we think of well-being, we think of the elevation of the spirit, relaxation, consciousness, and overall health, but do we forget the essentials? At the base of Maslow’s pyramid are basic needs. That so many people on the planet barely fill! For Nutrition beyond borders, well-being rhymes with solidarity!

Have you ever wondered why people from across the world tend to stick more together in times of crisis? Because it is in an emergency, when life or security is threatened, we appreciate so much what we risk losing. There is also the ripple effect, the desire to fit in. Do they give? I give! We long to be part of a movement, a trend, so we give for identity reasons. Others give out real social commitment for a more equitable sharing of resources. Whatever the reason, it feels good to share. But why?

This authentic generosity is embedded in us and probably all mammals or even creatures that are socially organized. Another tangible proof that we are all interconnected. To give is to share. It is to provide to the next, but at the same time to give to oneself! And in this, the so-called ‘underdeveloped’ parts of the world have much to teach us. Could they be the more developed ones? On the spiritual level and regarding the connection to others? It is time to adjust our perceptions of humanitarian aid and see this cooperation much more as a humanitarian ‘exchange.’ Since the first-day Nutrition beyond borders was founded, there hasn’t been a minute that hasn’t been rewarding. Each mission, project, and gesture is a gateway to the elevation of consciousness. We take action towards well-being, much like the massage therapist thinking of his client every minute he touches him. The intention is projected into the well-being of the other. Each of our volunteers feels it by imagining the children’s smile who will be born healthy or the poor mother who will succeed in living an entire independent life because of someone’s contribution. Humanitarian action is highly therapeutic!

Contrary to the large world-recognized organizations of this world, charitable ”beyond borders” smaller organizations, which are usually groups of dedicated professionals, do not have the means to pay for audits and examinations of their financial status that cost thousands of dollars each year to qualify for government grants, which could, in turn, enable them to provide a salary to their volunteers. They, therefore, finance their actions with funds from the heart, the heart of donors, and the heart of volunteers, who work together to ensure that the poor communities develop. They work to save lives without asking anything in return. This is why the “beyond borders” movement does 90% of the work with 10% of the funds. A large organization recognized worldwide is financed by the World Bank, and can quickly put 90% of the funds collected into its infrastructure or its governance… yes, it has been known to happen! And when this becomes public, it is scandalous and very harmful for poor communities, as people tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater for years, if not decades. This completely discredits all organizations, even negligible, well-intended ones like Nutrition beyond borders, which work miracles with minimal donations.