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Tips to motivate yourself for physical activity !

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According to the Good Body, 50% of people who start a workout program quit exercising within the first 6 months. Here are some tips to help you get on the move!


  • Set SMART goals! Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based goals! Yes, your goals should be challenging but not unrealistic!


  • Workout with a buddy! Not only it is more fun but your Wellness Buddy holds you accountable. You are more likely to show up if you know that someone is expecting you! It is also someone with who you can share your goals, achievements and difficulties.


  • Reward yourself! Not with a candy bar after workout … But by saving certain entertainment for example! Are you totally addicted to a new Netflix TV show? Well, allow yourself to watch it only during days that you were physically active!


  • Entertain yourself! Choose an exercise that you enjoy! Why go swimming if you prefer running? Listen to music, it decreases how hard we think we are working out. Or turn your physical activity into a game.


  • Exercise throughout the day! Stop 2 bus stops earlier than usual and walk the remaining distance, take the stairs instead of the elevator. When you go shopping, park at the far end of the carpark and walk to the shops or strengthen your arms by lifting the milk bottle a few times before you put it away. At work, organise standing or walking meetings or phone calls instead of sitting down.