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Wellness Morning – Healthy Breakfast With Pineapple Smoothie Millet Flakes Bowl

Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Publié le par jean-guy

Start in your day with healthy breakfast, that strengenths your body and your mental balance in wintertime! Stay fit and healthy! The pineapple smoothie millet flakes bowl is perfect for that! It contains many proteins, vitamins and important nutriensts.

Ingrediensts for millet flakes

80 grams millet flakes

200 ml almonds milk

100 ml fresh water

½  – 1 tsp. Curcuma

1 Tbsp. maple syrup


The millet flakes simmer with almonds milk and fresh water for 1 – 2 minutes. While simmering stir up te ingredients and add 1/2  – 1 tsp.curcuma and 1 tbsp. maple syrup.

Ingredients for pineapple smoothie:

1 banana

1 cup of pineapple

a splash lemon



8 – 10 cashews

1 tsp. chias seeds


Then mix banana with pineapple and splash of lemon. Put first millet flakes in the bowl and then make a hollow  to put the pineaplle smoothie in it. Now top the bowl with choclate-crunch, cashews and chia seeds.

The pineapple contains the vitamins C, A and E. It regulates the acid-base-balance as basic component. The serotinin ensures a good mood.

Millet flakes are pseudo grain, that is easily digestible and fills you up for a long time. It contains minerals like calcium, magnesium and much ferric iron. B-vitamins strengenth the muscles and nerves. The millet has some important food components like valuable proteins. Silicium is essential for skin, nails, hair and connective tissue.

This bowl is so delicious and puts you in a good mood. So you can start your day healthy and fit!

Article written by Annemarie Gahler. ”As Vegan Coach is important for me, that vegetable nutrition is´nt just healthy but wholesome and delicious. Healthy nutrition is necessary for young and old to be fit in everyday life. Healthy nutrition should be creatif and easy to prepare with fresh ingredients and together with other people. At the same time everyone can do something for the protection of the climate.”