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Pleasure, a wellness trend that should be on your radar in 2022

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Publié le par jean-guy

Due to the pandemic, people have been limited for the past two years in their contacts and moments of celebrations, thus deprived of airiness, so now they are looking for simple, pleasurable, and playful experiences that help them disconnect efficiently from a stressful environment and reconnect with happiness.

People require a more and more holistic approach to their overall wellbeing, factoring in what makes them feel happy and balanced, rather than simply focusing on efficiency and strictly healthy solutions.


It’s an attitude worth taking into the new year. Because really, everything in wellness boils down to what makes us feel good.

In that context, fun activities are replacing strictly healthy ones. For example, resistance bands are out, and hula-hoops are in now! This TikTok-inspired trend is up due to its impressive attractiveness adding to its cardio and toning recognized benefits. For some fans, the most significant benefit has been self-expression. Hooping is a way to express oneself through meaningful movements freely.

This year is also about getting as much dopamine, this feel-good hormone, as we can. Colorful, tasty, and textured food should now be the criteria for trendy health food. This applies to our choices in fashion and décor! According to a report by Pinterest, searches for vibrantly colored outfits are on the up as we try to find more joy in our everyday life.

So this year, just enjoy pleasure, and your body and mind will indeed feel good!