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Strawberry smoothie porridge with strawberry coconut yogurt

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The strawberry smoothie porridge with strawberry coconut yogurt brings freshness and vitality in your day. A small selection, there is definitly somthing for everyone. That´s a vitamin-rich food-combination to support the Immune system and to strengthen the immunity oft he body. Happy Spring!

Ingredients for porridge:

80 grams of fine oatmeal

200 ml of almonds milk

100 ml of water

Pinch of salt

2 tsp of coconut blossom sugar



Simmer the fine oatmeal with almonds milk and water shortly in a pot, complete it with a pinch of salt and coconut blossom sugar.


Ingredients for the strawberry smoothie:

6 – 8 medium strawberries

1 – 1 ½ banana



For the strawberry smoothie mix up strawberries and banana and it´s ready! The sweetness of the banana and the acid of the strawberries complete combination with their fresh aroma.


Ingredients for strawberry coconut yogurt:

200 grams coconut yogurt

2 tbsp strawberry smoothie

2 tsp maple sirup



8 – 10 pecans, grated coconut, chia seeds, strawberry pieces 


For the strawberry coconut yogurt mix up coconut yogurt with 2 tbsp strawberry smoothie. Top it with pecans, put it strawberry pieces, grated coconut and chia seeds.

Ready is a breakfast with the Power of vitamins! The small bowls are suitable for a dessert as well.


Strawberries strengthen the immunity with vitamins C and B, folic acid and their secondary plant substances.

Porridge contains complex carbohydrates that will fill you up for a long time, many vegetable proteins as well, Magnesium for the muscles and B-vitamins to stengthen the nerves and the muscle building. There is silicon for skin and hair in the porridge. Beta-glucan keeps the blood sugar levels constant and can lower cholesterol, which influences the heart positively.

Pecans are rich of proteins and contain vitamins A and B, many minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.

With these elements your health is a constant size! Have a happy Springtime!