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The Touch of Wisdom

Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Publié le par jean-guy

What makes the world turns around is energy.


My grandfather was a Kung Fu master and a medicine man. He used to teach me acupuncture points before learning to speak and walk.

Playing to manipulate energy with a Kung Fu master was a privilege, but he never wanted me to practice martial art. As a girl, I was to prepare myself to master the traditional Laotian dance taught by my grandmother.

This graceful gesture with the touch of wisdom in an elegant orchestration was the turning point for me 50 years later.

During the pandemic, I was working on sustainable care and massage techniques. The gift of light that I have received from my grandparents’ teaching perfectly fitted the touch of wisdom. I call my work of art: « La Gestuelle Yin-Yang & L’œuvre de beauté®».

My innovation is recognized by the government of Canada and applauded by the minister of innovation and economic development.

« L’œuvre de beauté®» is also my signature oil, a blend of sacred plants used by monks and alchemist masters. My facelift massage does not only enchant my guests, but it is delightful to perfect. It is a form of meditation and dance with the universe using the vital energy of Qi to plump the skin from inside out and outside in. Touching my guests’ souls, minds, and body is an outstanding privilege to rise in high vibration. We can change our frequency in a spark of time.

«L’œuvre de beauté®» is a work of a goldsmith that has won a gold medal at the championship of the Massage World Cup 2021. My calling is to share the ancestral gift of light because «Our body is not only the temple of our soul but the receptacle of light.»