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Two mental tips to enhance your happiness, health and wealth

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As we are heading for the third World Wellness Weekend (Sept. 21-22, 2019), we are encouraging you to take quality “me-time” in your busy 24-hour availability life and pay attention to your personal well-being.

In this society of high-technology and automation, the more we invest in physical activity and relaxation, the more we help our mental well-being as we increase the flow of oxygen and the amount of endorphins, “the feel-good” chemicals, in the brain. Indeed, regular physical work-out or a visit at a nearby Spa, Fitness club, Yoga/Pilates/Dance studio can help you face chronic stress, which we all know to be destructive to our health and happiness.

But what if I told you that we can also look at it the other way and train our mind to have an amazing effect on our physical health and well-being. We can start promoting mental fitness as much as physical fitness as science has long discovered the mind-body connection, how our thoughts can influence the body and its functions.

Most people do not understand yet how the mind works and how they can use it to their benefit. Nobody told us at school the effect of our thinking on our feelings, our behaviour and thus our lives.

As a physiotherapist, I always tried to do everything I could to heal my patients physically. Since studying the mind-body connection and the power of our mind, I understand why many symptoms kept on coming back after what appeared to be the best treatments at the time.  And why people need to take care of their mental strength as much as of their physical strength in order to “thrive” in this world of overdrive.

Isn’t that what we all long for, to live life at the fullest?

Let me give you two mental tips to practice so you feel stronger and more confident to handle your challenges and enjoy the gift of life as it is meant to be.

1.Take on a mindset of gratitude and abundance

Focus your attention on what you “are, do and have” and not on what you “are not, do not and have not.” Many of us are conditioned and programmed in our mind to always look at the absence and the lack of things. At school, teachers and parents always judged on our report the subjects that were weaker instead of praising us for those that subjects that went well.

We often compare ourselves to others and see what they are, do and have and we don’t give ourselves enough credit. It is all too easy to have a mindset of scarcity instead of a mindset of gratitude and abundance!!

In personal growth, practicing gratitude for the abundance in your life can be one of the most powerful mental exercises that you can do. It seems so simple but do not underestimate its effect.

As all around us is energy, the more you focus on abundance, the more you will attract it in your life. That is how powerful the mind is. It will transform your body and your life, as it has mine.

2.Focus on the “present”, it’s the gift of life

Many clients of mine come to see me with lots of symptoms of chronic stress. They are either regretting the past, worrying about the future and blaming their circumstances for their struggle and suffering.

Surely you know that the past has gone and that regret will not bring it back. While worrying of what might happen in the future is a very destructive state of mind that can create hell and drama in our lives. It affects us emotionally, physically and kills our spiritual essence.

Most of our worrying is based on FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

If there is one thing certain in life, it is that life is uncertain… if you train your mind to be “present” in the now and look at its possibilities and opportunities, you will open yourself to attract exactly that!

The one thing that I have learned after 30 years’ experience in stress management, is this:

“What you focus on in your mind, is what you get in your life.”

Can you see why it is important to understand the power and the rules of the mind and why I encourage you to enhance your mental fitness as much as your physical fitness?

It is worth your while as YOU are your best investment, always!

Danielle Sax is the Author of this blog post.
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