Andrei FOMIN

Ambassador Banya UNITED KINGDOM

Founder Banya No.1 UK

United Kingdom

Who Am I

I'm on the mission to bring the best of an Age-old banya traditions to the mainstream of Spa & Wellness around the World. Wellness should be an experience that you want to share with friends and family.

Why I joined

Wellness should be as sociable, or as private as you want. Wellness should be a flexible and accessible experience. It should be based on simple, age-old practices that make use of the best nature has to offer. These ideas need to be promoted so that more people can realize social and fun wellness can be. 

Why you should participate

World Wellness Weekend is an ideal platform to promote different wellness practices, and attract more people into wellness in general, and your property in particular by being generous to all, making it accessible and inclusive. It gives you a reason to be proud of what you do and share your philosophy and mission.