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Temps de lecture : 10 minutes

Green Wellness & Hospitality

Every hotel in the world is on a quest to be more Wellness orientated, post-COVID has expedited wellness awareness. People now really understand that if they do not spend time on their Wellness, they will …

Temps de lecture : 8 minutes

Sustainability In The Beauty Industry: Part 2

Hair salons have a certain fragrance. You always know when you’re in one.  No surprise, since nearly 5000 chemicals are listed as products for hair care, including 3300 synthetic compounds.   Beyond the shampoo and conditioner, …

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Sustainability In The Beauty Industry: Part 3

Sustainability goes far beyond initiatives related to recycling & making eco-friendly products. This new mind-set that makes us think long term in product development. It is a combination of imagination and science where we evaluate …