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Spring on your plate: Desert or Breakfast with mango, coconut yogurt, and buckwheat flakes

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The beginning of Spring is like a new beginning, body and mind now need lighter and more vitamin-rich food to let the severity of the winter behind us. A desert or breakfast with mango, coconut yogurt, and buckwheat flakes is the absolute moment of pleasure. The nutty taste makes it delicious. This combination is extravagant and puts you in a good mood. The mango is the sunny pendant and fits finely to the buckwheat flakes. Have you just noticed that some ingredients are well for the body and the mental balance?

Ingredients for 2 glasses

80         grams buckwheat flakes

200       ml almonds milk

80 -100 ml fresh water

1           pinch of salt

250       grams coconut yogurt

3 – 4     tbsp mango pieces

6           mango pieces

4           tsp maple syrup

3 – 4     tbsp granola

2           tbsp crushed almonds

Preparation for buckwheat flakes

Warm-up 80 grams buckwheat flakes with 200 ml almonds milk and 80 ml fresh water, a pinch of salt, and 2 tsp maple syrup, shortly. The flakes are fastly soft.

Preparation for coconut yogurt

Mix up 250 grams coconut yogurt with 3 tbsp of mango pieces and 2 tsp of maple syrup (for 2 glasses).

First, put buckwheat flakes in the glass, then place 2 tbsp granola and 3 mango wedges in the side of the glass and top it with mango coconut yogurt and some crushed almonds. Ready is a fantastic and healthy dessert!

Buckwheat is gluten-free, contains much protein and lysine for the bones, and protects the cells. Silicia for skin and hair contains many minerals and is rich in vitamin E. The mango has much beta carotin and it´s ingredients protect your free radicals. It has mild acidity.

Stay healthy and do something for it! Start in the Spring-season with new energy!

Happy World Wellness Weekend in 2020!